Month: May 2019

“Bad Credit Cards Don’t Pay.” Can It Really Do?

Ever heard of people laying credit card bills? “Ah, bad credit cards don’t have to pay! It’s better to just leave it because there’s no use, our names are already bad in BI’s eyes.” Surely this assumption is completely wrong. You still have to pay for a bad credit card. Why so? Because there are Read More

In What Situation DO NOT Get A Personal Payday Loan?

A Personal Payday Loan is a credit product that you can use to make money easily and quickly, and then spend it for your purpose. As a result, Personal Payday Loans are the most risky form of credit for lenders, which is why the risk is the most expensive, so you can still face double-digit Read More

Loans and term deposits

Investors in Credit Adviser have their money diversified and protected by the Guarantee Fund. Abroad, it is becoming increasingly common to use the P2P sector to assess money. Guarantee Fund Today’s Slovak consumer must be sufficiently proficient and financially literate to be able to choose the right product. Abroad, it is common to fund and Read More